What is the NVSBC's Mentor-Cohort Program?

The National Veteran Small Business Coalition’s (NVSBCs) Mentor-Cohort Program is designed to broaden community engagement, knitting regional veteran business owner ecosystems together, seeking the aide and involvement of large government prime contractors, federal agencies, and trustworthy service providers and supporters of regional federal government contracting communities. The program is geographically focused and supports those who experience barriers to entry in the government contracting space. The program provides in-person and virtual training and engagement activities that nurture and advance this healthy business ecosystem.


What to Expect?

Local Cohorts receive a tailored curriculum that focuses on procurement, business readiness, and finance.  


What are the Benefits for Participants?

Mentors and Cohorts can create and evolve into support networks by working together to apply a learned curriculum that focuses on individual business needs and goals. 





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